Orthopedic rehab & injury prevention

We are excited to have Allison Poole, MPT offer Women's Health and pelvic floor rehab at two locations- our Falmouth office and in Portland. 

All our six PT's are trained in the Graston Technique- a new soft tissue mobilization technique using stainless steel instruments that is revolutionizing the world of physical therapy and sports medicine. 

Pelvic floor rehab

Graston technique®​

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Founded by Donna Barthe and Charlene Post in 1986, Casco Bay Physical Therapy is a private practice that focuses on orthopedic and sports rehabilitation.  We believe in personalized one-on-one treatments with the same PT to quickly get you painfree and active again.  We strive to maximize function and promote well-being in patients of all ages and abilities. Whether you are recovering from a surgery, an acute injury or a chronic condition, we welcome the opportunity to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.  We are dedicated to teaching you about your symptoms, returning you to an active lifestyle, and providing you with a lifelong plan to prevent further injuries.

PT owned and operated for 30 years!

We offer the best advice and current orthopedic treatments to keep you and your family healthy and active, from post surgical rehab to athletic injuries and prevention.