Casco Bay Physical Therapy offers a wide range of specialized services, products and treatments to help our patients regain and maintain their physical strength, performance skills, and levels of function.  

Common Orthopedic Conditions and Sports Injuries we treat: 

Rotator cuff injuries                              
Carpal tunnel syndrome                        
Low back pain                                        
Herniated discs                                       
Degenerative arthritis of extremities and spine
Muscle strains
Ligament sprains
ACL prevention and post-surgical rehabilitation
Post surgical rehab, including joint replacements
Balance and gait disorders
Fall prevention
Pelvic floor rehabilitation
Whiplash injuries                                     
Neck pain 

Some treatment techniques we use include:
Core stabilization                                       
Post surgical rehab           
Graston Technique®
Myofascial release
Balance training                       
Neuromuscular re-education                  
Sport specific training
ACL prevention                            
Craniosacral therapy

With the mission of helping people overcome pain and disability though clinical expertise and personal attention, Casco Bay PT has flourished and now includes six licensed physical therapists. Co-owner Charlene Post, PT evaluates and treats patients at our satellite clinic conveniently located in Basics Fitness Center in South Portland.  Allison Poole, MPT, is now offering Women's Health and Pelvic floor rehab at two locations (Casco Bay PT in Falmouth and in the Birth Roots office Portland).  

Depending on where you live, work and play, one of our satellite clinics may be great option for your rehab needs.  Call our office for more information or to schedule an appointment at our Falmouth, Basics or Portland locations.

One of our patients, Harry, and his son Dan after just completing the PanMass Challenge in August, 2016. Harry and Dan rode 150+ miles and helped raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute while wife Ginny cheered them on. Way to go Harry and Dan!

Let us help you reach your fitness and wellness

goals today!

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