​​​What are patients saying about Casco Bay Physical Therapy?

"This PT setting is excellent, because of people like you Donna.  Your standards for infection control and prevention are outstanding!  The professionalism and high degree of skill assessment and follow through is outstanding.  From the moment a client walks in and is greeted by your friendly receptionist, physical therapy treatment, to checking out and scheduling with Julia- wonderful! I will continue to recommend this practice to everyone!  Remember, my job for years was to evaluate care, infection control and standards of care for practices".  

Joyce Kane

"I have been using Casco Bay PT since I was in college with my first knee injury.  Over the years, they have always been available for a consult, and during treatment are attentive to my lifestyle, needs and goals.  Their staff is kind, caring and knowledgeable!"

Molly White

Though it was unfortunate that I fractured my greater tuberosity and slightly tore my rotator cuff during a skiing fall, working with Alayna Richardson during my recovery was a wonderful experience. She greeted me each and every visit with a smile, genuinely interested in how I was doing, acknowledging my pain level, and my ability to function in my daily life with 3 young children. Based on how I was doing, she knew exactly how to work with me to continue to see improvements every week. She taught me new weekly exercises in my therapy sessions, and we not only practiced them so I knew exactly what to do, but she also always reinforced the exercises with a clear computer image of what I needed to be doing. Her knowledge of my injury and the best forms of PT that I could and should use was extensive. It was an absolute pleasure working with Alayna, and I would highly recommend her to any client requiring PT.  
Christie Rana

PT is very important for injury or surgery recovery.  I’ve tried to work with other PT offices, but I can’t.  They were too impersonal or simply too busy to see me.  For physical therapy to be effective, it must be compassionate, available, and positive,  and done by a skilled and experienced PT.  CBPT offers all of this starting with the first phone call.  I’ve worked with CBPT for 3 injuries now and I will not go anywhere else.”    
Tom Quimby

" This facility and staff are the best! They have helped

me out over the past 25 years whenever I need it. 

Great people and easy location. 

Thank you Casco Bay PT!!"      
Paula Steffen

" Casco Bay Physical Therapy is an incredible group of professionals who manage each client as an individual with their own set of specific medical needs.  Such skilled and individualized care results in the best possible outcome for the client. I have had significant contact with PT professionals in both my personal life, as well as being a health care provider myself.  This group of professionals' expertise and outstanding compassion allows me to highly recommend them to all my friends and family members."     
66 year old female 

For me, Alayna combines a positive attitude, a level or authority and a wonderfully broad base of knowledge of therapeutic techniques. These traits work together to motivate the patient on-site, and more importantly, back at home, where most of the exercising will be done. Her techniques are straight forward and her ability to explain the what and the why are clear and positive. I want to commend you for your choice of Alayna. You have chosen wisely and well. Alayna is an effective and true asset to your operation. She has  been a positive and delightful influence on my recovery!
Dave Powers

" I am very impressed with the care and therapy I have received at Casco Bay Physical Therapy.  My therapist is excellent and she puts 100% effort into every session.  She took the time to answer all my concerns using an iPad and pictures of the muscles involved in my injury.  Because my injury involved several body parts, I was very nervous and apprehensive about starting PT.  I am very grateful that I chose Casco Bay PT and would highly recommend them to anyone!"
Norma McKenney

“ I was referred to Casco Bay Physical Therapy by my primary care physician who have only wonderful things to say about this group.  My personal experience with Charlene Post has been a very positive one.  The practice is extremely professional and effective and I feel completely confident with their expertise!”